Motion State Studios is one of the most prestigious 

competitive dance programs in the South Bay. Motion State director, Breeonna Fiamengo, created MSS in order to offer aspiring dancers high quality training and individualized guidance. The goal of MSS is to create a structured, yet fun learning environment to support dancers in reaching their full potential.

MSS offers an array of specialized dance training for dancers ages 6-18.  A dancer's weekly training in our program consists of ballet, jazz technique, stretch & strength, across the floor, choreography in multiple genres (jazz, contemporary, musical theatre, hip-hop), and improvisation. Motion State is proud to offer the highest caliber of dance education that young dancer's can receive here in the South Bay Area

  • What is different about Motion State compared to other dance studios?

    • MSS is a bit different than your average dance studio. Firstly, we offer no recreational/open classes. Our classes solely serve our dancers whom are committed to a MSS team. Secondly, MSS is more of a specialized, dance training program. Dancers are provided a personal-ized training schedule tailored to their age/level/ability. Thirdly, our class sizes and teams are capped much smaller than the average studio, which allows for maximized individual attention. Last but not least, we are solely a competition program and do not hold a showcase or recital. We believe this allows the dancers to focus in on class taking skills: improving technique, picking up choreography, and growing artistically. 

  • What programs are offered at Motion State? 

    •   For the 2020-21 season, we will be offering 3 different programs:

      • Petite Divison​ (age 6-8) ​​​The perfect starting point for young, eager dancers! We believe that learning the basics correctly from square one is key, which is why MSS is excited to offer this program new in 2020! The requirements? Just a genuine desire to dance and learn! Team members take 2 classes per week (Jazz/Technique and Ballet) + a 45 minute rehearsal for their competition routine. Petite division attends 3 competitions each season.

      • Mini Division (age 8-10) ​​​- The youngest portion of our pre-professional division. Mini dancers are required to take 6-7 hours of class per week (2 Ballet, 2 Technique, 2 Choreography, and 1 Stretch & Strength) + competition group rehearsals. Mini Division attends 3 competitions and 3 conventions each season.
      • Junior/Teen Division (age 11+) - Our most competitive, eldest member of our pre-professional division. Junior/Teen dancers are required to take 8-9 hours of class per week (2 Ballet, 2 Technique, 3 Choreography, 1 Progressions, and 1 Stretch & Strength) + competition group rehearsals. The Junior/Teen Division attends 3 competitions and 3 conventions each season.

  • I'm interested in my child joining Motion State! Where do I begin?

    • Every dancer gets started with Motion State through a scheduled, private evaluation. An evaluation is essentially a 30 minute private lesson where an instructor can properly assess your child's ability, skill level, and focus. If we feel your child is a good fit for MSS, we will notify you and proceed with scheduling classes and/or private lessons if need be.  Typically we accept evaluation inquiries between the months of March and June for the following dance season. MSS does not hold a traditional try-out or audition; the private evaluation in lieu of this.

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our faculty

Breeonna fiamengo

Director & Instructor

Breeonna Fiamengo has been teaching and choreographing since the young age of 14 years old. At the age of 16, she decided to create a children's pre-professional dance company, The Breeonna Fiamengo Dance Co. (BFDC). BFDC quickly became a reputable place for dance training. Through competing at high level events, the BFDC received numerous top awards: top overalls, best in category, best choreography, best technique, best costume, and the highly coveted MVP award at Hall of Fame. Breeonna's main goal is to help each student reach their maximum potential; all while creating a fun, positive learning environment. Since then, Breeonna has teamed up with Kelly Dankbar to create "Motion State Studios.” In Motion State's first year, the team had already succeeded in winning top awards in the convention circuit as well as at the national level. In her time as a dancer, Breeonna performed as a guest artist for the Silver Laker Contemporary Ballet Company, at Choreography Carnival’s in pieces for Sabrina Phillip and Kelsey McCowan, and tap danced at a gala event for produced by Seth McFarland. Through her experiences, Breeonna has discovered her true passion for instructing and influencing young dancers in their journey.

Kelly Dankbar

Choreographer & Instructor

Kelly Dankbar grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma training in gymnastics, tumbling, all styles of dance, and acro. After pursuing a long-lived career in gymnastics, she found her passion for dancing and trained with conventions across the U.S. She has assisted numerous choreographers on many convention stages such as NUVO, Co. Dance, and Hollywood Connection. Kelly has performed in numerous live stage performances: The Capezio Ace Awards, “Aria New Years Eve” for E-Plus Productions, Carnival, and Andrew Winghart’s “Emergence” to name a few. In addition to her stage credits, her on-camera experience includes ABC Family’s “Bunheads” as well as multiple music videos including Mike Posner's "Rich White Girls," Fergie’s “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody,” Flume’s “Smoke and Retribution,” and Galantis “Peanut Butter Jelly.” Kelly is also featured in the Season 3 promos for American Horror Story as well as multiple national commercials/print campaigns for Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Reebok, Boost Mobile, Skyzone, and ACLI Life Insurance. Kelly spent a majority of 2019 dancing with Muse on their "Simulation Theory World Tour." Most recently, you can catch Kelly dancing in the film "Summertime" that just premiered at Sundance 2020. She enjoys bringing her wide range of knowledge and experience in the dance industry to the dancers at Motion State Studios!

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