MSS Tie-Dye Hoodie

Black and white Tie-Dye brand hoodie with Motion State logo. Available in both Youth and Unisex Adult!


Size Chart-

YXS: Body Length- 19 in. Body Width- 16 in.

YS: Body Length- 20 in. Body Width- 17 in.

YM: Body Length- 21 in.  Body Width- 18 in.

YL: Body Length- 22 in.  Body Width- 19 in.

AS: Body Length- 25 in. Body Width- 23 in.

AM: Body Length- 27 in. Body Width- 24 in.

AL: Body Length- 28 in. Body Width- 25 in.

AXL: Body Length- 30 in. Body Width- 26 in.

A2XL: Body Length- 32 in. Body Width- 28 in.


MSS Tie-Dye Hoodie